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Educational standards are used to develop curriculum and assessments that will meet the needs of your students. We have mapped all of our programs and lessons to all 50 states educational standards in six subject areas (including Health and Physical Education standards in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario Provinces).


Check out our digital and live streaming health education solutions for grades Pre K - 12! All curriculum is mapped to US & Canada Educational Standards.

Puberty Parenting Programs at Byrnes Health Education

The Byrnes Health Education Center has announced the 2022-2023 Puberty Parenting Programs that are held at The Center, located at 515 S. George Street in York, PA!

Lancaster County Puberty Parenting Classes

The Byrnes Health Education Center is thrilled to announce the expansion of our community programs into Lancaster County! Taking place at our satellite office in downtown Lancaster, these programs are health education events designed to create an open environment to learn about puberty, the natural changes that occur during adolescence and the importance of hygiene!

And the Award Goes to ...

The Byrnes Health Education Center has received CILC's Pinnacle Award for a second year in a row!

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